Representation in Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law – BCD in letter to Union Home Minister


The Bar Council of Delhi has addressed a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, seeking for the inclusion of representatives from the Bar, in the Central Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law.

There are various lapses in criminal laws -

  • Sluggish Investigations to street trials
  • Eroding public confidence in the Police.
  • Existing police model is "incapable" to render speedy and fair justice,
  • There is widespread public discontentment due to the "lackadaisical approach" of the Police.

It was thus stated in the letter that it is necessary to introduce substantial Police reforms.

The bar Council stated that - The Bar Council of India and other state bar councils, along with experts on the subject can provide better inputs-with their vast experience, but so far, they have not been included in the High Power Committee.

Suggestions –

  • Introduction of "drastic amendments" in procedural laws to provide effective preventive mechanism and for the conduct of fair and honest investigation.
  • Any lapse at any stage must face serious consequences, even imposition of imprisonment,
  • Appropriate amendments to the Information Technology Act and establishment of Cybercrime Cells in each Police Station.
  • There is need for a serious debate for a "better social environment" to get rid of deteriorating socio-economic conditions & misuse of the internet, which is the major cause leading up to crime against women and children.

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