Restrictive Court Functioning till July 15 amid Pandemic – Delhi HC & Subordinate Courts


The Hon’ble Administrative and General Supervision Committee of the Delhi High Court has ordered that the suspended functioning of the Courts Subordinate to Delhi High Court shall stand extended till July 15, 2020, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As per the office order released by the Registrar General of the court, the services of the Delhi High Court will remain suspended till July 15 on similar terms which are in operation right now. the court will continue to hear urgent matters through video conferencing.

All the pending matters listed before this Court (including the courts of Registrars and Joint Registrars) during the period from 15.06.2020 to 30.06.2020 would stand adjourned to August. The District and Sessions Courts will continue to function restrictively as per the existing guidelines.

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