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Online Legal Advisory, Networking and Support Services in India – Seek expert opinions/advice, hire expert writers for drafting your agreements, wills, RTI applications, find jobs and efficient resources for your business or simply start a discussion on current legal topics, is your one-stop-shop for everything Legal.


The word legal has two meanings, firstly, Legal is anything which is Permitted by Law, and secondly, Legal is anything Related to the Law, that is to say, anything that has a relationship of any description with the term ‘Law’ is legal.

The latter usage of the term Legal is very broad in its scope and encompasses everything that can be related to ‘Law’, generally terms like Compliances, Licenses, Permits, Dispute Settlements, Transfer of Rights, Court Proceedings, Negotiations, Penalty, Punishment, Liability, Damages, Conditions, Warranties, Will, Trust, Society etc. are some terms which are generally associated with the word Legal.

But in the true sense, the term Legal cannot be captured in an exhaustive definition and there is no limit as to the kind and description of things, concepts, ideas, documents that can be referenced by the term Legal.

It is the latter interpretation of the word ‘Legal’ that embraces, and it aspires to develop itself as a platform for qualified lawyers, enthusiasts, scholars, and amateurs to interact with other members of the society for mutually beneficial engagements. The interactive platform offered by will help the users of to get opinions, advises, consulting from a large pool of expert lawyers who subscribe to

Law Aspirants can use to gain an edge over other competitors while preparing for the Entrance examinations like CLAT. Law Students can find internships, publish their articles, find friends from other law schools, start a discussion or simply browse through the content-rich resources on

Professional Lawyers can grow their network, access template agreements, connect with a lawyer in a different jurisdiction, seek peer opinions or simply discuss something that may be of interest to a large group of people. expects and encourages its members to grow their network and improve their utility and experience on We maintain a strict privacy policy and do not tolerate any breach of privacy. Ordinate actions in respect of reported events of breach of privacy, copyright infringements, trademark violations, or breach of terms of use of are taken as expeditiously as possible.

Having said the above, can be viewed as a revolutionary e-Legal platform that will constantly upgrade itself to provide more features and utility for its users. We are more than happy to receive any comments or suggestions that you may have to improve and enhance your experience at Kindly write to us at

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