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SabKuch Legal is an online legal portal to cater to all legal requirements of individuals, MSEs, Start-ups as well as corporations. It is a brainchild of Mr. Rajiv Sarin, a renowned name in the field of law having over thirty years of experience working with organizations such as Coca Cola, Unilever and HCL – Hewlett Packard. We are extremely proud to have him as our mentor. Another renowned name associated with SabKuch Legal is that of our Director Mr. Chiranjeevi Sarin, engineer and lawyer having completed his Masters in Law from Durham University, UK.

The unique idea of SabKuch Legal cropped up in the mind of Mr. Rajiv Sarin when he noticed that a lot of people were struggling to find the right lawyer to give them the right legal advice. SabKuch legal was then set up with the objective of making it easier for people to connect to lawyers and get appropriate legal advice online without visiting the chamber of lawyers. Through our website we provide first of its kind exclusive Legal Assurance Packages to cater to needs of our customers seeking legal aid at a very low price. Besides online legal assistance, we provide preparation material for CLAT, internship opportunities to law students and job opportunities to those seeking legal jobs.

SabKuch Legal expects and encourages its members to grow their network and improve their utility and experience on our website. We maintain a strict privacy policy and do not tolerate any breach of privacy. Ordinate actions in respect of reported events of breach of privacy, copyright infringements, trademark violations, or breach of terms of use of are taken as expeditiously as possible.

Having said the above, SabKuch Legal can be viewed as a revolutionary e-Legal platform that will constantly upgrade itself to provide more features and utility for its users. We are more than happy to receive any comments, suggestions or feedback that you may have to improve and enhance your experience at Kindly write to us at

Mr. Rajiv Sarin
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Mr. Chiranjeevi Sarin

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