SKL Legal Assurance Platinum Lite Card!

SKL Legal Assurance Platinum Lite Card!

Sabkuch Legal provides a variety of Legal Assurance Cards – 'SKL Legal Assurance Cards' to provide our clients with a customizable bouquet of legal services for a period of 6 months or 12 months at highly discounted rates. SKL Legal Assurance card could be availed by Individuals or Businesses / Start-ups.

SKL Legal Assurance Platinum Lite Card can be availed at a cost-efficient price of Rs. 22,000/- Our Platinum Lite card is the best seller and very economical. The services in this card could be availed for a period of 6 months 

Through this card, the clients can avail Consultation, Drafting & Review of Contracts/Complaints/Opinions, Litigation Support, Statutory Licenses/ Registration, and or any additional service. The bouquet of services is customizable and the same may vary in consultation with the Subscriber. 

We have empaneled subject matter expert lawyers to provide the best online legal services. Feel free to give us a call at 9873333648 or 9873333859. You can also mail us at - We are also available on WhatsApp through for more details.

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