Draft Model of Land Title Act , 2019 In Preparation – NITI Aayog


A Draft Mode of Land Title Act, 2019 is on its making by NITI Aayog which will pave the way for conclusive land titles, as against presumptive ones at present, besides working on a unified legal framework that will provide for state guaranteed land ownership.

Aims -

  • Reduce land related litigations.
  • Farmers to receive easy access to credit.
  • Land acquisition to be easier.
  • Real Estate transactions to become more transparent.
  • Title holders to become eligible for government compensation.

Proposition of the framework -

  • Conclusive land titles are to guaranteed by the state for their correctness and entail provision for compensation by the state in case of any disputes.
  • State move from presumptive to conclusive system.
  • Unified legal framework being finalized to allow government backed land ownership.
  • Digital land records will facilitate switch.
  • Conclusive land titling as it will facilitate easy access of credit to farmers and reduce a large number of land-related litigations, besides enabling transparent real estate transactions and land acquisition for infrastructure development.
  • Massive progress in computerisation of land records will help in moving towards conclusive land titles.

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