CSAC urges SC to Stops trial of WhatsApp Pay


The Centre for Accountability and Systemic Change (CASC), a.k.a. a think tank filed a PIL before the Supreme Court of India in the year 2019 against WhatsApp Pay, has sought an immediate rollback of the messaging app’s pilot project.

In the interim application filed CASC has urged the Apex Court

  • to stop WhatsApp’s trial with 1 million users,
  • direct the Reserve bank of India (RBI) to put on record the permission granted for the trial and
  • disclose all com- munication between WhatsApp, the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and itself.

WhatsApp Pay is designed to run on the Unified Payments Interface developed by NPCI. UPI allows users to pay others or do business transactions through their bankaccounts.

WhatsApp Pay has been running a pilot with 1 million users for nearly two years. It has yet to receive permission to do a full rollout with all its 400 million Indian users because it has not yet completed storing all data within the country’s borders.

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