#COVID-19: Class Action Suit in US Seeking damages from China


In a sign of some of the unprecedented liability questions arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, one plaintiff's attorney took his gripes to court, filing a nationwide class-action lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China for causing the global pandemic. The suit is filed by Larry Klayman, who has a history of filing off-beat cases, and his group Freedom Watch, and a Texas-based company Buzz photo

The class action suit has alleged China’s failure to report and contain the virus more quickly, or disclose the actual number of cases, created “essentially a giant Petri dish” in the region near Wuhan, sparking the global COVID-19 outbreak. The case alleges claims of negligence, emotional distress, public nuisance, and strict liability for “conducting ultra-hazardous activity.”

The lawsuit, filed in a District Court of Texas, USA, seeks punitive damages in excess of $20 Trillion U.S Dollars. The Chinese Government, its military (also the Major General) and the Wuhan Institute of Virology (along with its Director) are also sought to be tried jointly and severally as joint tortfeasors.


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