Assistance for Young Lawyers during lock-down – BCI to PM & CMs


In a letter to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Ministers of all states the Bar Council of India has sought assistance for young and financially stressed lawyers across the country in the wake of coronavirus.

In the letter the BCI has urged to provide a minimum sum of Rs. 20,000/- per month from Centre Funds and/or State Government Funds and/or jointly by either providing for the same directly or through Advocate Welfare Fund of the respective State Bar Councils.

The BCI said that work and earning opportunities have ceased for lawyers, who it said earn and live by the day or earnings of the week. In light of the above, the letter goes on to assert that only a miniscule proportion of advocate (10%) can be stated to be in a position to survive and subsist without any earning during this time of crisis. The rest have no social security and their families are at the risk of facing financial crises in case anything happens to the advocates as many are the sole bread earners.

The letter ends with the statement that Advocates of the country are discharging their social duty in the face of adversity and risk of health and life despite not being in the position to earn their bread and butter. Thus, the Central/State Government(s) need to urgently note the same and provide the necessary financial assistance.

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