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Notice Issued to Centre in Petition against RTI Amendment Act: SC


The Supreme Court bench headed by Justice D. Y. Chandrachud has issued notice to the Centre on ex-Union Minister and Congress MP Jairam Ramesh's challenge to the amendments in the RTI Act.
Section 27 of the Act is amended to give rule making power to the Central Government to determine the pay, allowances and service conditions of Information Commissioner. This means that the tenure of the Information Commissioner can be fixed as per the executive rules framed by the Central  Government. Further, the amendment gives power to the Central Government to fix the salary and allowances of Chief Information Commissioners and State Information Commissioners. 
As per the original RTI Act, the salary and allowances of the Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners are the same as that of the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners respectively. The amendment is being challenged on the ground that it is being done to serve a political vendetta by the current ruling government. 

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