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DHCBA Resolves for strike against Collegium’s Recommendation


A resolution has been passed by the DHCBA requesting its members to abstain from work tomorrow in which they have expressed they shock dismay and outrage at the decision taken by the Collegium for the recommendation to transfer Justice S Muralidhar to the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

The DHCBA  has stated in their resolution that such transfers are not only detrimental to our noble institution, but also tend to erode and dislodge the faith of the common litigant in the justice dispensation system. Such transfers also impede free and fair delivery of justice by the Hon'ble Bench.

The DHCBA goes on to urge the Supreme Court Collegium to recall its recommendation to transfer Justice Muralidhar from Delhi to Punjab. Stating that the majesty of the revered institution is at stake, DHCBA has thus called upon its members to abstain from work on February 20.

Justice Muralidhar began his law practice in Chennai in September 1984. He shifted to Delhi to practice at the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court in 1987. He was appointed as a judge of the Delhi High Court in 2006.

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