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Non-Approval of Law Degree; Faculty of Law, DU students protest


Students of the Faculty of Law, Delhi University, are protesting against the non-approval of their LL.B degree over the course of a week.

Bar Council published a list in compliance of the of the Delhi High Court order dated 04-12-2019 in which only those students who have taken admission till the year 2016-2017 have a vaild degree in law.

In accordance to the above facts the students are demanding that their degrees should immediately be approved by the Bar Council of India.  The students are also alleging that the Faculty of Law has failed to comply with University Grants.

Protesting against the present state of affairs, the students are demanding that the UGC regulations as well as BCI’s rules of legal education be complied with by the University. Additional demands made by the student protestors include, reforms in evaluation systems, transparency in administration, compliance with the RTI Act, disclosure of financial records, constitution of a Student’s union, other basic amenities such as clean drinking water and a proper canteen for the students.

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