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Property Laws

Property Disputes Laws come into play when the title or ownership of an immovable property (such as land or an apartment) is challenged or is ambiguous. Property ownership, leasing, or renting is certainly desired by all of us but any of those coveted positions comes with a lot of complexities. The law related to properties seeks for the protection of buyers and sellers, each state has established a regulatory authority for real estate issues. Sabkuch Legal provides a plethora of property law-related services and shelters people from fraudulent activities as well. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled with it to provide legal advice, litigation, real estate transaction, documentation services, etc. for claiming possession, retaining possession, getting a share in ancestral property, or join property and resolve property disputes.

Property Due Diligence – In real estate transactions, due diligence is a vital step in the home-buying experience. Property Due Diligence in a real estate transaction is an investigation of real estate property records and anything else deemed relevant to the sale, purchase, lease, or mortgage of the property. Concerning any real-estate property / immovable property due diligence is simply some reasonable measures that every individual shall adopt before executing an agreement. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled with it who performs due diligence to ensure that there are no legal encumbrances on the property. click here to read more

Partition Suit - Partition of property means re-distribution or adjustment of pre-existing rights, among co-owners/coparceners, resulting in a division of lands or other properties jointly held by them, into different lots or portions and delivery thereof to the respective allottees. The joint ownership is ended and respective shares of the property are severally distributed to each party as a result of partition. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled with it helps the party to get their shares separated by the declaration of the plaintiff and also divides share by metes and bounds. click here to read more

Property Registration – A final agreement signed between 2 parties within relation to registering a property. To show that the buyer is the rightful owner of the talked about property and has rights and responsibilities concerning the same property, registering a property is mandatory. Under section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908 it is mandatory to register property. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled with it who are experts in registering a property to make sure that the buyer can claim his rightful authority against the property. click here to read more

Rent/ Lease Agreement – An agreement between a landlord and a tenant where the landlord allows the tenant, right to use the landlord owned property for a specified period in exchange for a set payment of rentals. There are no ownership rights attached to the tenant. To suit the needs of the tenants the landlord may allow some changes. It is very import that the rent/lease agreement should have all the necessary details and it is drafted with perfection not leaving any minute loopholes and that the tenancy agreements landlords are issuing are up to date and legally compliant. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled who will make sure that agreement outlines the conditions of the arrangement so that each party understands their rights and obligations under the arrangement. click here to read more

Disputes with the Builders – Disputes with the builders is delicate and should be treated with caution. Although the implementation of RERA has been done by many states, there are a lot of builders who have continued to fleece the homebuyers as not all the projects are registered with RERA. Disputes arise and buyers still run from pillars to post for getting them resolved. To act in time is the key to resolve the issues with builders speedily and amicably. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled who makes sure that the dispute with the builder is resolved in the best possible way. click here to read more

RERA Act Disputes - The buyers of RERA-registered projects will not have to run from pillar to post, including courts, for getting relief when there are defects (structural or otherwise) after they have taken possession of the newly-constructed property. The buyer has the right to complain to RERA authorities and is also entitled to compensation as specified by the RERA Act. RERA Act seeks to bring transparency and accountability that would protect the interest of home buyers and regain the lost faith in the real estate industry. In case RERA gives a decision in favor of the builder, you can file an appeal in the RERA Appellate Tribunal within 60 days of receipt of the order of RERA. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled who has expertise in dealing with RERA Related Disputes. click here to read more

Will/ Succession related Disputes – When a member of the family passes away dispute arises related to property and the way the same is divided among others. When the deceased has a left a valid will in place, the disputes and disagreement should be kept to the minimum. However, in certain situations, even after instructions were left behind, disputes can still come up and in most cases they are unavoidable. The most common succession disputes are - Delay by executors, Disagreement on disposition of estate property, Transfer of unauthorized assets, any undue influence or simply mentioning problems with the will. Sabkuch Legal has the best property law lawyer empaneled who deals with all these disputes and makes sure that family matter is resolved amicably. click here to read more

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