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Name Change

Due to Societal or Personal preferences and obligations, Name change in India is very common. It is not an easy task when you are growing with an identity already and you have to change it at later stages in your life. Be it Marital customs or personal choices, name change is associated with a series of consequences which also includes legal implications of the same. Therefore, in order to make it a legally sound decision The Legal System comes into play and lays down a procedure to make it safe.

Under certain specific cases the person cannot be allowed to change the intention like with an intention to commit fraud or an unlawful act. Whereas all the people who do not follow the procedure established may suffer loss of identity legally. As there will be no change in the official record. Thus, it is always suggested that one should go by the process and get the new name registered.

To be recognized by the new name legally there are three essential steps to be followed which include submission of an Affidavit for name change, publication of a notification in Newspapers with details already specified in the law and lastly Gazette Notification legally completes this process as it is the most reliable and substantial proof of the change of name. The procedure differs for Government employees. The process is a lengthy and critical one and thus, consumes a lot of time. Our team may be of great assistance to you while going through such process.

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