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Before starting any food business, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) License is mandatory. FSSAI Registration is a basically 14 digit registration Number which is required for all types of the food businesses which includes manufacturing, storage, distribution, Sale, and import of food for human consumption or Dairy Farm. FSSAI licensed is issued by the Food safety and Standards Authority of India, Governed by the Family Health and Welfare, Government of India.

 An application for commencing any food business made under a prescribed Form on FSSAI. Food License can be divided into two Categories, State  License and Central license based upon there turnover where the turnover is less then 12 lakh only registration is sufficient. Food license is valid for one or two years, that can be renewed further as per business requirements. Once the food business operator get the license he shall display the FSSAI logo and 14 digit license number on the label of food package.

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