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Any person who wishes to open a new shop or to commence its business within the jurisdiction of any state has to register itself under the Shop and Establishment Act. This is an act which applicable to all the commercial establishment in the country which includes :

  1. Any establishment where individuals are employed  in commercial sector like Trading, Banking or Insurance.
  2. The restaurants, Hotels, small cafe  or other refreshment houses, eateries and boarding houses.
  3. Any   establishment where individuals are employed to provide work or services in any amusement and entertainment places like theater and cinema halls.   

Within a 30days of commencing a commercial establishment or shop., the owner of such commercial establishment or shop, have to registered its business under this act. The license issued under this act is a proof of business. Each state has different set of rules and regulations under this act. An appplication for the registration or to get the license can be filed in the prescribed format which contains the details of business ( Name of establlishment, details of owner of establishment, details of address and PAN details of business or th owner) along with the prescribed fees to Cheif Inspector of that Jurisdiction. After recieving the applcation inspector shall issued the Registration Certificate (if satisfied), and that Registration Certificate (License) needs to be displayed in a prominant place in the shop or in establishment. Our team of Corporate experts make this process as easier to the corporates and individual those are not much aware of this process of registration. 

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