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Any place of business within the jurisdiction of corporation and municipal limits will require a trade license from the State Government.The trade license is issued by the Municipal Corporation of the state where business is located.  To obtain the trade license the applicant must apply for the license under the concern jurisdiction within the 30 days of starting of a business. The procedure and Jurisdiction is vary from state to state and regulations made under their respective Act.  The object of issuing trade license is to ensure that no one is carrying out any unethical business practices.

The normal processing time for obtaining trade license is 10-15 days and after that trade certificate or license can be downloaded from the online portal of concerned Municipal Corporation. The Trade licenses or certificates are issued for 1 year of validity, that can be renewed at the year end by paying the renewal fee.

Having an expert empanelled team of lawyers that can provide a complete documentation requirements and clarity about the Government process in a simplest manner will help to get the license as earliest.

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