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Contract Labour registration is mandatory in India under the Contract Labour Act,1970. The main aim of this act is to protect the workers from exploitation of labour. It also intends to provide better conditions of work for workers under contract. This act is applicable to every principal employer and contractor who employs more than 20 workers under contract. The registration takes place under the labour department of the concerned state. However, the basic procedure as well as the documents remain more or less the same.

The registration is compulsory as employer cannot hire contract labour without getting registered first. Registration makes the principal employer responsible for issuing employment card and paying wages to workmen. Various other facilities to workmen are to be provided by the employer for instance, a canteen, crèche, drinking water, toilets, and first aid. There is a separate registration procedure for Principal Employers and Contractors. The fees varies as per the State and No. of Workmen. Our team at Sabkuch Legal can assist you with the same by doing it for you.

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