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Registration of Marriage

A marriage is compulsorily to be registered after solemnization as per different personal laws whether coded or not in many of the Indian states. Whereas there are states and laws which do not make it mandatory. However, it has been suggested by The Supreme Court and Law Commission of India since 2006 that it shall be compulsory as it ensures systematization of the institution of Marriage and makes it more credible socially and legally.

With diverse religions and comes diverse personal laws and legal structure which deal differently with such issues like registration of marriage. So far the power to make registration compulsory vests with the state government as there is absence of a uniform central law. But various personal laws like The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, The Special Marriage Act,1954 etc clearly prescribe the process for registration. As many of the State Governments have made rules/acts making registration compulsory irrespective of  religion, caste, creed or nationality.

Registration of marriage is useful not only when it’s a matter of any kind of harassment or disputes in relationship but it also acts as an authentic proof of relationship which helps in a lot of legal aspects like property dispute, Visa for travelling abroad and for facilities provided by the Government mainly for both the individuals and families.

Our team consisting of experts in Family Law can help you figure out everything from preparing the required documents to obtaining certificate under State legislations. We can assist you throughout the process.

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