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Registration of Property means a final agreement signed between two parties. Registration of property is compulsory which show that the buyer of the property is the lawful owner of that registered property and he also fully responsible for it in all respects. In India, registration of property is mandatory under  section 17 of the Indian Registration Act, 1908.

    The registration of property of the property is to be done in the Registrar’s office by the Sub-Registrar, which means the recording  of the dully executed documents of property in the Registrar office. In the procedure of  registration of property, the property owner should have all the required documents like legal ownership documents, clearance certificate from authorities, date of transfer of property, payments receipts. Parties to the registration required a legally draft agreement which include details like name and address details of the parties and property, total consideration of transfer of  property, date of advance  payment (if any), mode of payment etc. This agreement to be made on the stamp paper which is based on the circle rate and the value of the property. These set of document will be sent to the sub-registrar office for the final approval or registration. As this is a very documented and due diligence process, so the attorney and lawyers engaged with us having a good experience and knowledge which helped out our numbers of client in the property registration within a given time frame.

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