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A novelty search also known as a patentability search, is used to figure out if an invention is new and original before the inventor files a patent application by looking for prior art. The more important your idea and invention is to you, the more important is novelty search for you. A novelty search helps an applicant to know existing and similar patents which further can help an inventor, patent lawyer, examiner to see if the same idea is already registered. This step basically prepares an interested individual for the upcoming challenges in the process. Also, it makes you understand the soundness of the invention and decision to register it as a patent.

Doing this search before filing a patent application can help make sure the patent won't be rejected. By contrast, if the search result turns up to be negative, you can save your own resources like money and time by not trying to patent an already existing idea, or try to change the scope of the invention.

Novelty search may seem to be an extra effort or an unnecessary step which is not mandatory by law at first but its very beneficial for the one who thinks of getting a patent grant as this only going to make your idea stronger and of course patent attorneys are expert at this job. You may miss out certain important things but a professional will take you to the depth of every foreseeable possibility.

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