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A Will is a Legal document which communicate that how one’s assets are distributed among those close to that person after his/her death. Will is document which which define that how the assets will be handled or manage after death of person (Testator) who create.Will is testamentary instrument comes into effect only after the death of testator, if any person dies without writing a will then it is called he or she died instate.  Drafting of will means the written declaration of a person regards the distribution of his/her assets after death. There is no such specific format to draft or write a will, will can be written simply on A4 paper but in order to effective, it needs to be properly signed and attested. A smart drafted will ensures that those whom you wish to benefit actually do benefit after death. While drafting a will language can be simple but the intention of the testator should be very clear.

Registration of will is not mandatory as per the provision of Indian Succession Act, 1925. But once will is registered it is placed in safe custody of registrar and cannot be changes or tampered. It is  helped the legal heirs to get the title of the property  and it is also not easily possible to challenge the registered will.

For the registration of will the first step is that the will should be well drafted, and also show the clear intention of the testator. A experienced lawyers or attorney will drafted it correct and clear, and registration fee to be paid  to the nearest Sub-Registrar office. That drafted Will should be Signed by the testator and two witness. This registration process will take maximum 7 to 10 working days.

Experts of Sabkuch Legal provide services for drafting and Registration of Will and also gives an advisory on the matters related to other property matters.

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