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Legal Notice is a formal Communication to a person or entity , informing the other party of your intention to undertake the legal action against them. The concept of legal notice is that a party be aware of legal process affecting their rights, obligations. So the intention of someone to take other person or party  into court proceedings that makes other party to aware of grievances. Concept of Legal notice sometimes also consider negotiation instrument which save the time and money between the parties. Legal Notice is the  preliminary step to undertake legal proceeding against someone.

Any aggrieved person who fails in negotiations with other or opposite parties may serve a legal notice demanding resolution and informed the other party his intention of filing a lawsuit. In general legal Notice is filed in civil cases.

As legal notice is a initial Step to enter into in legal proceeding so it should be very clearly written and covering all the facts of the issue which shows the clear intention of the sender to other party.

An expert and experienced lawyer has taken a extra care of choice of words language while drafting a legal notice that should be address to the person against one has grievances. A lawyers who draft a legal notice should clearly mentioning the issue or reason for sending notice, required resolution, date or period under which his client sought reply.

The Lawyers associated with Sabkuch Legal will draft an effective Legal Notice which  resolves the issues in a short time.

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