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Divorce is the dissolution of the marital bond established between the parties. An end to this relationship in today’s complex world is where a series of legal claims and cases begin from.  Both the individuals definitely claim there rights and can do so but this action is guided by laws governing the marriage. Personal Laws along with other Statutory Acts and Judicial precedents play a major role in deciding the fate of the case. Various grounds for Divorce are recognised by different personal laws such as Mutual Consent, Cruelty, Desertion, Conversion, Fraud, Unsoundness of mind, Schizophrenia, incurable leprosy  etc.

Nevertheless it is always a sound legal opinion, understanding of law and sincerity coupled with sensitivity of a lawyer towards his/her client which makes it a strong case. Divorce not just ends the relationship but leads to further claims such as maintenance, Alimony, Property issues, Custody of children etc which can be of utmost importance to the parties.

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