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As per the legal requirement Cookies Policy is a part of privacy legislation that requires website to get content from visitors to store or hold any data and information on computer smart phones or tablet. A cookies is a piece of software code that a website sends to the browser of a internet user at the time of access information on the site. The cookies are stored in memory of a system and that are only available during an active browser session.

A Cookies policy is the policy used to inform users about the use of cookies by a website or an app. As per the legal requirement, websites that use cookies provides information to the users about those cookies. Policy is defined version of the basic cookies policy incorporated into website.Privacy Laws around the world may demand that you may inform the users about what kind of cookies websites is using either directly or through third parties.Websites owners who are are selling goods or services or provide information through their websites also need a separate set of Privacy policy so that the user can be considered to be agreeing to the cookies policy.

Cookie Policy is a document which set outs the websites policies which basically include:

  1. What information is collected
  2. How the information is used
  3. Third party cookies.
  4. Consent

If someone has own website or application that uses cookies then it is essential to create a detailed cookie policy which allows users to understand what information is being received. It is design to protect the online privacy.

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