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‘Terms of Use/Services’, commonly known as terms and conditions, is a legal agreement that sets forth the rules, conditions and requirements that users must agree to in order to use a website, mobile application or any other related services. Depending upon the business models, these agreements have various clauses and disclose the requirements and restrictions which the website/service user must adhere to.

The owner of the website or application always has an option to maintain his right to exclude users from his website thereby maintaining legal rights against the potential application abusers. It gives business benefits to the website/application owner and the right to terminate the access of abusive users or users who do not follow the rules and guidelines.

The ‘terms of use’ includes the rules and guidelines on how users can access or use website and mobile application. These rules and guidelines are different depending upon the nature of business operations like, Social Sites, E-commerce websites and applications, Desktop Applications and others.  

The terms of use are majorly dependent upon the governing law in the respective country. Also, while creating terms of uses it pertinent to understand how such terms of use can be made enforceable. An experienced team of IT professionals and Lawyers can provides you the services that to create an agreement which defines:

  1. User’s rights and responsibilities, defining misuse;
  2. Accountability for online actions, behaviour and other uses;
  3. Details of payment like return and refund;
  4. Conditions and policy for terminations of account (if Applicable);
  5. Details describing the procedure of dispute resolution and rights to take a claims to  court;
  6. Other Guidelines like limitation of liability and other legal liability for damages incurred by users.

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