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Sabkuch Legal is an online legal portal to cater to all legal requirements of individuals, MSEs, Start-ups as well as corporations. It is a brainchild of Mr. Rajiv Sarin, a renowned name in the field of law having over thirty years of experience working with organizations such as Coca Cola, Unilever and HCL

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Sabkuch Legal Pvt Ltd

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Unlimited calls with our lawyers

You can call or chat with us on the numbers provided on the Contact Us page and our empaneled lawyers will be available to entertain your queries at length. They will be committed to providing good quality legal assistance to you by patiently listening to your legal needs with great attention and then providing you with an appropriate legal solution. If after communicating with our empaneled lawyers you feel comfortable in availing our services then you can communicate the same to our lawyers and we will be more than happy to serve you and hope to develop a trustworthy healthy legal bond with you.

Discuss any issue

You can converse with our empaneled lawyers discussing any issue in great detail. We provide legal assistance in more than 70 distinct fields covering many major topics in the legal field. With our lawyers you could converse pertaining to drafting of agreement or will or Power of Attorney or petition for divorce through mutual consent or violation of your consumer rights or bouncing of cheque covered under the Negotiable Instrument Act. All the services are provided by subject matter experts having considerable years of experience in their respective fields.

Across different areas of law

Sabkuch Legal is dedicated in providing you quality legal service across the spectrum of law. From drafting agreement and deeds to rendering services in the field of Consumer law, Intellectual Property Rights, Banking & Finance, Employment law, Property law and Information technology law we are committed to serving you by catering to your legal needs in wide array of topics in the legal field. You can avail our services by chatting or through video or phone call without the hassles of visiting the chambers of lawyers or our premises.

Speedy resolution of legal queries

At Sabkuch Legal, we are committed to providing you top quality services at reasonable prices in the shortest time possible. This is executed in a well thought out manner. Firstly, the speedy resolution of legal queries is done by our experienced expert lawyers by devising strategies that deliver best results in least possible time. Additionally, this also saves cost of our customer. Secondly, we keep in mind that your time is valuable so your work is done with least number of calls. Thirdly, we ensure that if you need to visit our office then you do not have to visit many times.